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What do you get when you blend the pinnacle of motor sport technology and bespoke Great British craftsmanship?

Distilled innovation, in furniture form.

Sleek, elegant and luxurious.

Don't just take a seat, have one made!

AW Collection

Made to measure, as all things of quality are.

Fyfe and Miller’s designs can be fully customised to be the truest reflection of our customer and their needs.

Beautifully unique.


Form, function and forward thinking.

We don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Which is why we only use state of the art Carbon Fibre in our products. To ensure the shapes of our imagination, can form into reality.

Sit down and leave the rest behind.


"When the character of a man is unclear to you, look at his friends". Japanese proverb

Affix your brand to our products, your logo merged with our design.

From luxurious office spaces, to the bustling rooftop bars of the metropolis.

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